Python 3 <3

Why still use Python 2? Almost all packages are now Python 3. Why make the same mistake Java made?

How to access cherokee-admin from a remote machine

The cherokee-admin binds only to local loopback by default. There are some workarounds:


Create an SSH tunnel. This is the recommended way. In order to do so you must issue the following command:

[email protected]:~$ ssh -L 9090:localhost:9090 remote_IP

After that your terminal will be logged in the remote machine. There you can start the admin. From then on you can access this remote interface through http://localhost:9090. Every request will be forwarded to the remote IP running cherokee-admin.

The -b parameter

Launch cherokee-admin with the -b parameter in order to force it to listen to all the network interfaces.

Copy and paste

Finally you could always install cherokee on your local host, configure it there and then copy the generated cherokee.conf file to the device running the cherokee instance you wanted to set up.

Eclipse Classic (3.6 a.k.a Helios or 3.7) and the Marketplace plugin

After you've downloaded and installed Eclipse Classic (like the Helios release, or version 3.7), the Marketplace client plugin will not be installed.

You can however find and install this plugin via the Help -> Install new software... menu. Check the Helios repository and search for Marketplace:

alt code

After successful install you'll be able to install plugins using the market place via Help -> Eclipse Marketplace...

alt code