How to on port redirection in Cherokee

To redirect to follow these steps in your Cherokee admin web environment:

  • First go to the vServers tab and create a virtual server with name and give it a document root, e.g. /var/www.

  • Then link to the sources tab and create a new information source by clicking the 'plus' icon. Enter as nick and mysite:8000 as connection.

  • Go back to the vServers tab. After making sure that the server is selected check that the host match method is set to 'match nickname'.

  • In the behaviour tab select the default directory and in the handler tab select HTTP Reverse Proxy from the handler dropdown list. Then select Round Robin as balancer in the Back-end Server section.

  • In the section Assign Information Sources section select as application server.

  • Then save and restart Cherokee.

Now the will be redirected automatically to And, when your site becomes more popular, you can add more application servers to