Eclipse and Django development setup

To develop Django applications, I use Eclipse with the Pydev plugin with some other extras. Here is a small how-to on my setup:

Download and install these different components:


I'm using Django 1.0.2 final but I guess that Django's 1.1 beta or the development release would also work fine.


Just download the eclipse platform release and install it.


Then download the Python IDE plugin and install it through the update manager, using these guidelines. Then you can use this page to configure the Python interpreter.


A project is never complete when it is not version controlled. So install Subversion and the Subversion plugin. When installing the plugin, take care to select the correct features. The SVN Team Provider is required, together with at least one SVN Connector. I selected the SVNKit as my connector.

Then create your own Django projects. This can be done using the Eclipse Run -> Run configurations. Here are the settings to start the lightweight development web server through the

alt code

Then specify runserver as program argument:

alt code

Happy coding!